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Women Surveyors Still Affected by Gender Pay Gap

Today is International Women’s Day, the day when we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. But a survey by RICS and Macdonald & Company featured in Roofing Today has found that the gender pay gap between new surveyors is 28.7%.

On average, male surveyors earn £7000 more than women of the same age, with the gap the largest among 18-22 year olds. However, property professionals’ salaries are up 7.1% on last year.
Speaking to Roofing Today, the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) Equalities Manger, Justine Wallis-Leggett, said:

“The fact that 64% of respondents reported a rise in salary will offer cold comfort to the many women in the sector, especially those at entry level, who are once again confronted with a significant gender pay gap. The industry must urgently take action to create a more balanced workforce that attracts the best talent if it wants to remain competitive.”

22-2 RICS surveyors

RICS recently launched an Inclusive Employer Quality Mark, which encourages employers to be inclusive and offer equal opportunities. It also supports them in sharing best practice. Wallis-Leggett commented “Until there is a true commitment to change within the sector, we will continue to see results like [the survey shows] and the subsequent drift of talent away from our sector.”

Wallis-Leggett suggests introducing inclusive working practices like flexible working, which can help employee engagement and increase productivity. She warns that employers can’t afford to just satisfy the needs of a small majority of staff when the market is so competitive.

The best place to work as a surveyor continues to be greater London, where the average professional earns £65,050 which is 20.8% more than the South East and 52.2% more than Ireland. Most of the UK only reported a small growth in their salaries, with the highest growth in Scotland with just a 2% increase.

On International Women’s Day, what do you think employers in the surveying sector should do to help close the gender pay gap? What about in all industries in the home improvement sector? Tweet us @QuotatisPro to let us know your ideas.


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