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How you can use Technology to Modernise your Workforce

The way we work is changing and technology is having a massive impact on people’s lives, both in and out of work.

Technological advances from cloud computing, screen sharing, collaboration software and video conferencing are encouraging a liberated workforce, transforming the way we produce and deliver work – it’s also changing the way we interact with colleagues and customers.

  • Research predicts that by 2020 half of the workforce will be working in a freelance capacity, contributing over £51bn to the UK economy.
  • Professionals are moving away from traditional office-based work, choosing flexible working, freelance work and self-employment, avoiding unnecessary commutes.

This new-found way of working is giving people a sense of empowerment and a more fulfilled way of life.

Streamlining your business

But what about businesses? This new way of working has actually been driven by businesses! Many companies have streamlined their businesses to compete within an increasingly competitive and digital-first world. Businesses have to contend with online marketplaces dominating the industry – some with no physical location and with a strategy to sell a product without actually owning the product – take Airbnb, for example.

These advances in technology have resulted in organisations needing an ‘asset-light’ business model. There is no need for office space, no need for in-house staff and it’s time for them to embrace a new way of effective working.

Identify your skills gaps

Businesses should consider their ‘core-competencies’ and assess their needs from there. There are ‘non-core’ functions that can easily be managed elsewhere. Perhaps you have some skills gaps. Businesses can gain reputation by outsourcing some of these areas to specialists – giving them the opportunity to lead industry rather than fall behind.

  • Instead of building in-house teams across all functions, respond to seasonal changes in requirements through an on-demand workforce, saving time, money and resource.
  • The flexibility of this new way of working brings with it productivity, engagement, and collaboration – all factors that can only be a positive for your business.
  • An on-demand workforce represents the future of work, it is a trend that forward-thinking businesses can’t afford to ignore.

Grafter works with business in a variety of sectors who require workers on a seasonal or short-term basis – they use Grafter to get the workers they need, with the relevant experience, to fulfil their roles and their feedback on using an on-demand workforce couldn’t be more encouraging:

 Wow, fantastic, we have been waiting for this!! We constantly require workforce at short notice.

Here’s to a better approach to work in the future!

Use Grafter to find short-term workers for your business when you’re busy with work from Quotatis. Find out more here.

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