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The Truth on how Trust Increases your Sales

Trust plays a big role in a consumer’s buying decision in today’s world.

According to Trustpilot, 77% of consumers look at online reviews before buying a product or service. That implies that 77% of customers don’t trust a company until they have heard from previous clients and seen what their experience was like.

It has never been more important to collect reviews from your past customers so you can show potential new ones that you are a company worth spending money with: the truth is your sales will increase if your customers trust you.

Some astonishing statistics have come to light in the Trustpilot Trust Economy Report about how much of an impact reviews have on consumer trust:

  • 31% of consumers say they need to read 3-4 positive reviews before they are influenced by them
  • 15% of customers say that they would buy from a company with negative reviews if they were responded to well
  • 60% of consumers have written an online review
  • 83% of consumers said that the majority of the reviews they write are positive. Only 3% said the majority of the reviews they left are negative

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This data shows that businesses can no longer shy away from gathering reviews from their customers. The Trust Economy Report also found that 14% of businesses don’t collect reviews, and 20% collect them but don’t display them anywhere. This is a massive missed opportunity.

According to eMarketer, customers trust reviews 12 times more than sales descriptions from the company, so businesses just can’t afford not to publish their reviews online. And with only 3% of consumers saying the majority of reviews they leave are negative, it debunks the myth that reviews can be damaging to a business.

In fact, Trustpilot saw some businesses increase their sales by 58% by displaying reviews on their websites. They found that your conversions could increase by up to 35%. These figures are not to be ignored, especially when it is so easy to collect reviews and put them on your websites and social media.

Quotatis’ Smart Reviews system collects your customers’ reviews for you and displays them on your Smart Profile. With Smart Social, you can integrate them with your Facebook and Twitter accounts to reach an even wider audience.

It’s proven that reviews are vital in instilling trust in your customers, so you can’t avoid collecting them anymore. Join Quotatis today to start gathering reviews from genuine customers.

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