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Our Top 5 Workwear Essentials

When you’re a tradesperson, workwear is hugely important. With customers expecting you to look smart, and the obvious need to be safe and protected, it’s vital to get workwear right.

To help, we’ve come up with a list of our top 5 workwear essentials.

1. Safety boots

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Safety boots are an essential part of any workwear outfit. You’ll want boots with protective toe caps, and ideally with mid-plate protection just in case you stand on a nail or screw. It’s also good to pick a lightweight boot that’s comfortable and won’t slow you down.

Our top pick for safety boots is Scruffs’ Victory boots. They’re rated to the S3 safety standard, with a steel toe cap and a steel mid-plate for protection. They also feature high visibility reflective detailing and a breathable lining for comfort.


2. Knee pads

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Comfort is key when you’re working a long day on site, and we’ve got just the thing. Knee pads protect and support your knees when you’re working low down. Heavy duty knee pads will protect you day after day, keeping you comfortable while you’re kneeling down on the job.

These knee pads feature high-density foam padding as well as a soft gel support for comfort. They also have adjustable elastic straps to give a secure fit. We’re running a competition on Twitter for a pair of these knee pads throughout October!


3. High visibility jacket

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A high visibility jacket is vital on site. With PPE regulations requiring high visibility clothing in many situations, it’s important that you’ve got the right high vis on the van. You’ll want to make sure your high visibility workwear is tested to the correct standard for the environment you’re in.

This high visibility jacket from Silverline conforms to EN471 Class 3, which is the highest level of visibility rating currently required. It’s also waterproof and comfortable, with a heavy duty zip.


4. Pocketed trousers

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Pocketed trousers are another essential piece of workwear. You’ll want to make sure they’re durable enough to withstand the knocks and bumps of the trade, while also being comfortable for everyday wear. The pockets are vital, too, to keep all the materials that you’ll need on the job.

These Scruffs Worker Plus trousers have lots of multifunctional pockets to accommodate a huge range of tools and materials. Plus, they’re durable with reinforced sections and pockets for knee pads.


5. Activity Tracking Watch

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An activity tracking watch isn’t really an essential… but we do think it’s a great addition to a tradesperson’s workwear kit. If you’ve ever wondered just how many steps you take on site, or how many calories you’re burning, an activity tracking watch is a great way to get this data.

The Fitbit Flex 2 is a reasonably priced activity watch, featuring a simple LED display for key data. It’s waterproof and comfortable, while also not taking up much space on your wrist.


These top 5 workwear essentials are a great way to get yourself kitted out for the job. Let us know your top workwear tips on Twitter @QuotatisPro!


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