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The rise of timber windows in the UK

When it’s comes to home insulation, windows have always been a popular measure. However, before recently it was uPVC frames which dominated the market. uPVC has always been a popular material in the construction industry, heavily used for windows, doors and even conservatories.

Its excellent durability and weather resistant qualities, coupled with the cheaper installation costs, have made it a viable option for homeowners especially on a budget. And with a range of colours available including the woodgrain effects, homeowners no longer have to choose white window frames.

But recently, the windows industry has seen a large increase in demand for real timber frames. It seems the appeal of having ‘look-a-likes’ is no longer as desirable as it once was and homeowners are keen to invest in the real deal.

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To cater to this growing demand, companies have started to switch sales tactics and are now pitching their timber window products to consumers in the UK. More and more businesses are adding wooden frames to their existing uPVC products to give the customer an even better choice and service.

Of course, timber windows offer a different appeal to uPVC frames, namely the fantastic aesthetic look they boast. Timber windows look great with traditional properties, and uPVC doesn’t quite have that same visual effect.

It would seem homeowners are starting to realise that modern wooden frames aren’t as susceptible to environmental impacts of rot or warping too. As the wood is correctly treated before being used in manufacture, these are issues customers no longer have to worry about and timber windows will last for 20 years and more.

At Quotatis we have seen demand for timber windows escalate significantly over the last few months, with dozens of companies looking to cash in on this unprecedented increase. With energy bills on the rise, home insulation is proving to be a popular improvement for homeowners all over the country, and windows are often the first area to be assessed.

Timber windows in particular offer consumers:

  • A visually pleasing finish which will last well for decades
  • The opportunity to reduce energy bills substantially
  • An environmentally friendly option as opposed to uPVC or aluminium.

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