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Can a Professional Email Address Get You More Work?

If you’ve got your own business, one decision you’ll have to make at some point is whether to set up a professional email address. So instead of using an address with ‘hotmail’ or ‘gmail’ in, you’ll have an email address with your business name (or similar) as the domain name. Lots of people recommend doing it, but can it really help you get more work?

It’s difficult to say for sure, as every business is different. But here are 3 ways that a professional email address can benefit your business.

1. Builds trust

One of the biggest benefits to a professional email address is that it can help to persuade potential customers that you’re a legitimate professional and not a rogue trader. A tradesperson working illegally is unlikely to have put in the time and money to make a business email address, and most homeowners know that.

The fact that you’ve set up a professional email address also suggests to your customers that you take the time to do things properly. It can also give the impression that you have a stable business that provides a reliable service.

2. It’s a great marketing tool

Another advantage to creating a professional email address is that it can be a really handy marketing tool. If your email address has your business name or website domain name in it, it can help to send people to your website. It also gets your business name out there – if people see it repeatedly in your email address then they’re more likely to remember it.

Plus if someone loses your email address but remembers your business name, they can use it to search through their address book and find it.

3. Helps organisation

A professional email address can also help you get and stay organised. Using it instead of your personal email address can help to keep your business and personal emails separate. It also gives you the ability to set up multiple email addresses linked to yours for different members of staff or departments as your business expands.

So setting up a professional email address for your business can help you attract new customers, get your business name out there and stay organised.

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