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The importance of being pitch perfect

No matter what product or service you’re trying to sell, getting the pitch right can make all of the difference in how successful you are. An excellent pitch is continually improved as you start to learn your customer’s behaviour and unless you’re converting 100% of leads, the pitch is by no means fool-proof.

So what elements help to make up the perfect pitch? Take a look at our top tips for helping you to improve your pitch and bring in more customers.

do you know your customers?

Get to know your customer

Whoever you’re selling to, it’s important to know the customer. By getting a better understanding of the target market, you’ll be able to create a better pitch that’s directed at the consumer. Take your time to explore the market so you know it inside out. Make sure you’re just as prepared as your competitors or you’ll ultimately miss out.

Research the history

If you’re selling B2B, then try to get a background of the company’s history and understand what it is that makes them tick, and ultimately what will cause them to buy. You need to ensure that there’s no way the business can’t part with their money, so ensure it complies with their business objectives.

answer their problems

Answer their problems

When selling, your best opportunity lies with being the answer to any problems their business encounters. You need to persuade the investor that you can deliver a better solution. In the pitch make sure to address this and ensure everything is clear and precise.

Be likeable

At the end of the day it’s not just your product that will swing the buyer’s mind-set. Your behaviour and personality will also come into play, so make sure you come across well. The investor will also want to hear the background to your company and get a real feeling of trust. This is all an important part of selling, so demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm.

practice your pitch

Practice makes perfect

So you’ve taken on board our tips, as well as elements of your existing pitch and knowledge of what does and doesn’t work. Now you need to revert to the old saying of practice makes perfect. Nothing sells a product better than a well-rehearsed script covering all the key points. Also be prepared for any question that’s thrown at you, rather than stuttering and making a mess of the pitch.


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