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How can your business make the most from Pinterest?

Social media is becoming more and more important as a tool to engage with your existing and potential customers. Ideally, every company should be clued up on social media as after all, it’s a free way of getting more web exposure.

There’s more to social media than just Twitter and Facebook too. And Pinterest is one option for you to consider. Pinterest works by connecting users via similar interests; in this case through the use of pictures.

Your company can ‘pin’ images and use this to engage with customers and industry professionals. With this you can help drive more traffic to your website as a result.

As with anything though, it’s worth knowing what you’re doing. Take our three tips in mind to effectively use Pinterest.

Get a great set-up

As with any social media it’s important to have a solid backbone for customers to engage with. If you’re only active once a week and don’t really pay Pinterest too much attention, how can you expect to get solid results?

So where do you start? Well, obviously you’ll need to create an account and decide what your potential customers are looking for, then devise boards to cater for these.

Of course, what’s important is to remain on brand and not wander too far from what you’re trying to sell. If you’re a kitchen company, engage with customers through pictures of lavish and luxury kitchens.

Make sure you have a complete profile because this is what’s going to be visible when customers clickthrough. Include a link to your website and have a short description of your company and what you offer.

Keep on point

Social media is meant to be social. No one wants to have a sales pitch preached to them when they least expect it.

As with other social media platforms, Pinterest is all about engaging and connecting with customers, getting them to see the appeals of what’s on offer and why they should come to you.

With Pinterest you should keep everything light and friendly. Try to include pictures from your website and from Pinterest itself. A 1 in 10 ratio is recommended to ensure customers don’t treat you as ‘just another sales company’. Remember, if you share other’s content the more likely they will be to share yours.

Engage with the community

The main role of social media in any company is to engage with customers and strengthen your community bonds. Connect with customers who want to find out more about your company and you’ll quickly see the rewards this platform has to offer.

Always try to remain on brand and discreetly promote your business whilst engaging with hundreds and even thousands of potential customers on a day-to-day basis.


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Tom Crosswell

I have been managing online projects since 1999 and I'm a experienced marketeer, who is well versed in international brand management, online business strategy and developing long term relationships. Through my academic and professional background I am a specialist in generating online loyalty towards brands. My experience has taught me that ultimately business is about relationships and people. For more information see my Google+ page.

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