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More bang for your buck with Quotatis

There has been a major shift in the way companies now market themselves, with the Internet now taking over as the industry leader. According to the companies registered with Quotatis, a successful modern business is built on receiving online enquiries. This has changed from the days when the Yellow Pages had a massive influence on business success rates.

Nowadays even new companies are ensuring a consistent volume of enquiries by taking trusted enquiries from Europe’s leading consumer matching service. With enquiries all over the country in home improvements such as solar panels, replacement boilers, windows and conservatories, there’s a lot on offer for many UK companies seeking more work.

Networks UPVC are just one of Quotatis’ success stories, forming in 2010 and turning to the consumer matching service for enquiries. Owner Peter Marsden said: “They offer an exceptional service with affordable high quality leads.

“Quotatis has such a unique approach to all businesses large or small. Quotatis will focus on the company’s needs and will work in a manner that allows your business to grow in the right direction.”

Peter isn’t the only happy customer ready to give their approval on the Quotatis service either. Steve Brooks from BKB Interiors says: “I would just like to thank all the guys at Quotatis for the fantastic service you offer. The appointments are made with great care and skill, which gives us a fantastic opportunity when sitting one of your appointments.

“Out of several marketing sources we at Brooks kitchens have at our disposal I can honestly say Quotatis have provided our company with not only a healthy turnover but with the quality of client you provide are helping our company to grow at a nice rate. Thanks again for all your help.”

Quotatis have been the largest consumer matching service in Europe for some time and as proven, aren’t just a quick fix to help companies when times are tough. Although companies will change their quota throughout the year depending on workload, it’s common for businesses to deal with Quotatis for many years.
Kestrel Home Improvements have been using Quotatis for the last five years and said we’re the best lead generation company on the market.

Mark Ramsey from Kestrel Home Improvement said: “The quality of leads is excellent and the conversion rate is very high compared to most lead providers out there. They have an excellent and highly efficient customer service team as well.

“Nothing’s too much trouble in helping you grow your business in new areas and when you have a rejected lead (which is very rare); they get the issue sorted out quickly! If you need more leads, you can’t go wrong with Quotatis!”

What Quotatis provides is an alternative to paying out on advertising which can be expensive, plus there’s no way of measuring success rates. Instead, every penny spent with Quotatis secures an interested consumer, giving you an opportunity to promote your company and make the sale.


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