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How to market your business on and offline

One of the best ways to increase sales is by getting more exposure of your website, but what’s also important is to ensure your business uses the right marketing strategy. It’s this strategy that determines who succeeds in the competitive world of selling and who struggles to make an impact.

So let’s take a look at the best strategies you could employ for your business, both online and offline.

display your brand

Advertise your website everywhere

An excellent way to promote your business is by adding your website’s URL to any correspondence, including emails and letters. By doing this you’re giving your customers an easy way to browse your service. If you have company vehicles and uniforms, ensure the website is printed here too as it’s a moving form of advertisement.

Offer freebies

People can’t pass up a freebie so by offering these once in a while you’ll be reeling in customers with an exciting offer. Freebies have always been a marketing favourite and it’s a great way to generate maximum exposure.
No matter if you’re launching your own freebie giveaway or it’s run by a third part, a planned strategy is vital.

Set your goals wisely and decide on a projected ROI for the campaign. You need to have a clear mind of what you’re expecting from the giveaway, such as website exposure, a boost in sales or even social media following.

If you’re looking for a boost in sales, then consider offering a discount on your product rather than freebies.

content is important

The importance of content

Content has become an important part of marketing and it’s great to be able to provide your customers with expert advice. Ensure your website is packed full of exciting content that’s informative and will give your customers as many answers as possible. Also make it persuasive and it can be a superb selling technique. With more content you can also improve your Google rankings, ultimately driving more traffic to your site.

Word of mouth

Still, despite everything that modern technology as brought, word of mouth remains the best way to advertise your business. This can be done both on and offline, so the more happy customers, the more they’ll recommend to their friends and family. Once you have built trust and confidence through social media, you’ll start to receive positive reviews and recommendations, so your website continues to see new visitors.


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