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How to Keep your Van Protected from Thieves

As a tradesperson, you’ll know the importance of your tools and equipment to get jobs done.  They’re the lifeblood of your business and without them you would struggle to complete work and suffer a lack of income. Same goes for your van. Not only does it get you from job to job but it stores the necessary tools and equipment to carry out work for customers.

Van theft is still rising and data from a study conducted by Ironmongery Direct found that 23% of tradespeople surveyed had experienced vehicle break-ins over the last five years. This is not only hassle for tradespeople but an expensive headache as the van must be repaired and the tools must be replaced in order to resume work.

To avoid a van break in, here are some ’Top Tips’ you can adopt to keep your van and tools safe.

1. Improve your van’s security features

You can improve your van security by adding some additional security devices to deter thieves and prevent them from successfully breaking into your van.

Here are 6 of the most effective van security devices:

Door lock – A Stoplock door lock fits to the rear doors of the van making it harder for thieves to pry the doors open.

Steering lock – An oldie but a goodie, the classic steering wheel lock prevents thieves from driving off with your vehicle.

Storage system – Van Vaults’ secure chest and drawer systems are fitted into the van to store tools and equipment safely.

Window security film – If thieves attempt to break the van window, a security film deflects the attack or encases splintered objects such as glass.

Ladder clamp – Does what it says on the tin. The Rhino ladder clamp makes it extremely hard for thieves to steal ladders off the roof of a van.

Catalytic convertor clamp – Given that the street value of catalytic convertors has sky rocketed, a convertor clamp covers the converter and locks it to the chassis of the vehicle to prevent thieves stealing it.

2. Empty your van at night

theif breaking into vehicleIt may seem obvious to remove your tools and equipment from your van at night, but although van theft is on the up, there are still many tradespeople leaving their tools in their van.

Thieves tend to target their victims prior to breaking in, which means they have a good idea of which tradespeople don’t remove tools from their vans each evening. Although removing your tools every night and replacing them every morning can seem like hassle, you should compare it to the hassle of having to replace stolen tools, repairing any damage caused in the process, and being out of work for the duration.

3. And when all else fails – insurance

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you try, sometimes sophisticated thieves still find a way to break into your van. This is where van insurance comes in.

Van insurance is a legal requirement in the UK, however, most standard van insurance policies do not cover loss of tools left in a van overnight. In fact, some policies state that you cannot store tools in your van unless it meets certain security requirements such as the ones we have mentioned above.

There are 3 main types of insurance cover for vans: Third Party Only, Third Party Fire and Theft, and Comprehensive Cover. You may also require further levels of cover such as Goods in Transit and Fleet Cover.

Taking out van insurance is a wise decision for tradesmen that rely on their van and tools to make a living.  Should a break in occur, van insurance is designed to cover the cost of the goods and tools that were in the vehicle and pay to repair damage caused to the vehicle. Should your van get stolen, van insurance cover can help you get a replacement.

Find out more about van insurance and get a quote from constructaquote.com here.

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