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Is offline advertising close to extinction?

Millions of pounds are spent on advertising in the UK every year, with companies keen to find out what is and isn’t working for their business figures. There are a number of ways to advertise your company to the nation, with many tried and test formulas to experiment with.

The rise of the Internet over the last 15 years has changed advertising as a whole in this country and much of the older techniques have been left by the wayside.

And to make way for the surge in online advertising, something has had to give. That, by the looks of it, seems to be adverts placed in the phone books. And when you think about it, how often do you use the phone book to find a contact, rather than type in the search term online?

Businesses continually keep track of how their leads are generated, whether it’s through local newspapers, online, in the phone book or referrals from past customers. This helps to ensure money isn’t wasted on avenues which aren’t working.

And one double glazing company provided the figures for leads received so far in 2013 from the various phone books available. This highlights the decline of what once was a poplar directory, showing:

  • Yellow Pages: 4 enquiries
  • BT Phonebook: 5 enquiries
  • Thomson Local: 5 enquiries

This combines to just 14 enquiries over the first eight months of the year, not anything which is going to set the business’ profits soaring. The company also revealed that these leads didn’t progress further than the initial enquiry. As such, they have pulled all advertising costs from the phone books and even the online version of Yell.com.

The same double glazing company also claim to not use local newspapers as a viable form of advertising either, saying it to be expensive and relatively unsuccessful. After all, with pages crammed full of companies vying for the reader’s attention, it lessens the chance of your small ad standing out from the crowd.

So if advertising in the phone book has become a thing of the past, what has it been replaced with? Referrals and recommendations remain the strongest way of getting extra business and there’s only one way of boosting this, generating lots of happy customers who’ll pass on your details to friends and family.

But if you’re really looking to grow your business, then consider lead generation. Quotatis has been operating in this market for nearly 15 years, with hundreds of companies receiving thousands of enquiries each month.

Lead generation guarantees a customer enquiry with the money you spend, unlike advertising where there is no way of knowing how much interest you’ll receive in your service. With Quotatis you have the opportunity to set your area of work, your product or service and how many enquiries you’d like to receive. Quotatis does all the hard work, sourcing fresh customers (never cold calling) and providing you with their contact details so you can arrange an appointment.

With hundreds of product specific websites, Quotatis has the luxury in attracting a range of consumers needing a variety of different jobs completed in many home improvement fields.


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I have been managing online projects since 1999 and I'm a experienced marketeer, who is well versed in international brand management, online business strategy and developing long term relationships. Through my academic and professional background I am a specialist in generating online loyalty towards brands. My experience has taught me that ultimately business is about relationships and people. For more information see my Google+ page.

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