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Guarantee work all year round with Quotatis

No matter the product or service you offer to the consumer there are bound to be times of the year when work runs a little dry and you’re left clutching at just a handful of enquiries.

This all comes hand-in-hand with your product. Solar panels tend to have a higher demand in the summer rather than winter, whilst a replacement boiler is more often purchased in the colder months.

In fact, many businesses will strategise their marketing based on the time of the year, expecting to make better margins depending on the climates their product caters for.

But with the Internet, comes the power of lead generation. Quotatis is Europe’s number one consumer matching service and successfully connects thousands of consumers with reputable companies every month.

Whilst it may seem that parts of the year aren’t great for your product, this isn’t necessarily the case. There are still hundreds of customers using online resources such as Quotatis for any home improvements, from renewable energy to insulation measures.

Customers are generated through a number of marketing techniques, leaving you with the opportunity to do what should come naturally; sell your company to interested consumers.

So how are enquiries generated by Quotatis?

The most successful way Quotatis generates interested customers is through a range of product specific and content filled websites, including the main www.quotatis.co.uk site. Consumers find these websites by searching for a product online or clicking on an advertisement.

Quotatis aims to educate the consumer in the product or service they desire. This means they should know everything there is to understand before requesting a quote, making your job a lot easier in selling your service.

Another marketing tactic implemented with Quotatis is emails. There is a database of thousands of past consumers who have shown previous interest but at the time might not have had the funds to carry out a purchase. This may now be a possibility.

Essentially, what all of this means is that you can get more work throughout the year and not have the worry of seasonal downturn. We have a mixture of companies using Quotatis; those who are keen to boost profits all year round and those needing a top-up at certain times of the year.

With a flexible service everything is in your hands, including how many enquiries you require weekly, the regions you work in and the products you offer. With no contract or cancellation charges, you can change your quota on request and utilise Quotatis exactly as you need it.

Start making the most of customers out there and better your business with Quotatis, Europe’s most popular consumer matching service.


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Tom Crosswell

I have been managing online projects since 1999 and I'm a experienced marketeer, who is well versed in international brand management, online business strategy and developing long term relationships. Through my academic and professional background I am a specialist in generating online loyalty towards brands. My experience has taught me that ultimately business is about relationships and people. For more information see my Google+ page.

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