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Lead generation: The new way to grow your business

Quotatis has been Europe’s largest lead generation service for nearly 15 years, providing hundreds of companies thousands of customer enquiries every month. And because of the internet’s rise over the last decade, it has taken over as a clear advertising leader, pushing older practices to the wayside.

What is lead generation?

As will always be, word of mouth and recommendations are the strongest ways to generate extra business because you have immediately developed an element of trust. This is easy enough to get too, and you simply have to leave your customer very happy with the work completed.

But whilst this is a great way of improving the image of your company, it’s unlikely to see your figures soar and help your business to grow.

We now live in a 24 hour society, largely down to the Internet and how easy access is (on the laptop, iPad, smart phones etc). As such, the advertising of your company in offline ways isn’t going to have the effect it once did and as a result, local newspapers and phone books no longer have the same levels of success.

At Quotatis we receive thousands of enquiries for a range of home improvement jobs, such as solar panels, replacement boilers, double glazing, driveways and heat pumps. These enquiries are internally verified before being made available to contractors within minutes of receiving the interest. This effectively ensures they are ‘hot’ enquiries.

Buying enquiries

Perhaps you have never considered the possibility of using a lead generation service before. Maybe your company has only recently started operating and you’re looking for a way to break into the industry and establish yourself as a successful business.

There are many reasons companies in the UK turn to Quotatis as an excellent way of boosting their business.

What are your other options to Quotatis?

  • Mailshots?
  • Door to door leaflets?
  • Newspapers?
  • A brilliant website?

Unfortunately, the fact remains that none of these are guaranteed ways of getting extra customers throughout the year.

Mailshots & leaflets

This option of advertising once had a firm place in getting extra work for your company but nowadays sending out 1,000 letters would be lucky to generate you three or four customers. How much post do you get from companies advertising their business, which you put straight into the bin? This form of advertising is now often known as junk mail.

Newspaper advertising

Again, this is another form of advertising which has lost its effectiveness over time, mainly because of the ease of use and access to the Internet. Even if you did position yourself in a local newspaper you’re immediately limiting your options to those who read them and tussling for space with the dozens of other small ads.

Building a stunning website

Every company can hire someone to build them a website and you’ll be looking at costs of around 1,000 for something that looks great. But whilst it has a clear aesthetic appeal, what it won’t do is get you enquiries. You can get all the compliments under the sun, but unless you spend big marketing it, it won’t have the levels of success you need.

This could suit a larger company, but for smaller, independent businesses it won’t prove a cost effective solution.

Email marketing

Emails are free to send so surely this is a viable way of promoting both your product and business. But there are some problems with this: Where do you get the email addresses? How do you avoid your emails being sent to the spam boxes? When you’ve conducted enough research you’ll soon find that it’s not a worthwhile route for your company to go down.

Online lead generation

“You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out why more and more businesses are spending their marketing budget on the purchase of business leads.”

Online enquiry generation remains a tough industry to crack into because there are so many aspects to consider for every stage of the process. It continues to be cost prohibitive for companies to market themselves in such a way. On the other hand, purchasing business leads gives you chance to only pay for clear-cut enquiries for your product. The element of risk has been completely removed.

If you want to start growing your business, look to Quotatis as a viable way for receiving quality job leads.
The following testimonials show how companies utilising Quotatis achieve excellent levels of success:

Paul Coupe (Northern Gas) “We have found Quotatis to be a great source of quality leads for the industry in which we operate. We have developed a long standing relationship which has grown as we have progressively expanded our own area of coverage. Quotatis now provide an important contribution to our database of customers. Their lead performance is really very good and compares favourably with other forms of marketing.”

Craig Miller (Extend-A-Room Ltd) “For us the Quotatis team set the industry standard for a very good supply of well qualified sales leads. The prospects know what to expect and we could not ask for this introduction to be any more qualified. All-in-all, a very good lead source 52 weeks of the year.”


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