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Generating consumer enquiries in the UK

Generating enquires in the UK isn’t a new process. Telemarketing has been around since the 1950s and became an online business when the Internet rose to prominence around 15 years ago.

It is now seen as one of the fastest growing areas of advertising and is becoming a priority for companies looking to grow their business and increase weekly workload.

What is an enquiry?

Consumer enquiries provide companies with the details of customers interested in a particular product or service. The customer has given permission for their details to be passed onto expert professionals in the field and information would include the consumer’s name, address and telephone number. Companies can buy an enquiry, contact the consumer and make an appointment to complete the work required.

What is enquiry generation?

Enquiry generation is the term used to describe marketing activity used to collect a large number of enquiries. With a number of product specific websites and partners, Quotatis has become the largest enquiry generating service in Europe. An online form is completed by customers and the details passed onto companies in specified postcode areas
Enquiry generation in the UK

In the UK, the enquiry generation market is thriving for a number of reasons. Principally, financial insecurity has triggered many companies to ditch advertising where there is no guarantee of success or a high return rate. Instead of coughing up thousands of pounds for advertising, companies would prefer to pay for each enquiry and know exactly where their money is going.

Of course, this market would be redundant without the verified consumer enquiries. With house prices stagnating, many homeowners are opting to stay and improve their property rather than relocate. This has opened up the enquiry generation market and thousands of consumers are matched to vetted tradespeople every month.

In the UK:

  • £41 million was spent on enquiry generation advertising in 2010
  • This increased by 20% to £50 million in 2011
  • 40% of UK businesses intended to increase their budget for enquiry generation in 2012
  • 80% listed enquiry generation as one of their top priorities

Of course, with the rise in interest for receiving enquiries from online services, the number of consumer matching services has likewise increased.

Because of this, it’s well worth ensuring you choose the right service to maximise potential and grow your business.
Quotatis is a one-stop shop for companies and consumers. It has been Europe’s most popular consumer matching service since 1999, with success not only in the UK, but France, Germany, Belgium and Spain too.

Quotatis prides itself on quality and providing an excellent service to the contractor, which is why every single enquiry is verified in some way before being given to trade professionals who specialise in the product field.

Companies have the opportunity to select exactly how many enquiries they require on a weekly basis, within their product category and postcode region. The service allows companies to ensure a steady flow of work for when times are tough and ensures their diaries are never empty.


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