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19 million underperforming front doors need replacing

Composite front doors have now become a favourite in the UK, offering a range of extra benefits compared to uPVC and wooden installations. One of these excellent advantages is thermal efficiency and because of the way they’re manufactured, work to retain more heat in the home.

And research carried out by D&G Consulting shows that millions of front doors in the country need to be replaced. A report highlights that 31 million front doors in the UK are over 10-years-old. In fact, for 19 million properties, replacing the front door would result in substantial energy savings.

Replacing front doors even falls under the Government’s flagship energy efficiency programme, The Green Deal. The advisory list recommends a replacement front door as the third most cost-effective of 47 possible measures. Payback can be as little as 4.4 years, with high quality composite doors lasting for decades.

Managing Director of Door-Stop, Nick Dutton, says: “Not all homeowners will buy via the Green Deal, but the scheme will make energy efficiency an even more important selling point, which should have a significant effect on the composite door market.

“The report makes it clear: composite doors can save energy and pay for themselves quickly, however homeowners choose to fund their purchase. It isn’t only the retail replacement door market which will benefit. New build and social housing also need good, energy efficient composite doors which will offer savings on energy bills and carbon emissions.”

Nick believes that the Green Deal will give a welcome boost to the door industry as a whole too because they’re a cost effective and simple way to reduce household energy bills.

When this is coupled with a number of other excellent benefits, there’s sure to be plenty of uptake over the next few years. Of course, as well as thermal efficiency, composite doors offer fantastic security measures, brilliant durability and weather resistance.


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