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FIT Show a success for consumer matching service Quotatis

The FIT Show has come to a close after a hugely successful affair, which saw hundreds of the UK’s finest industry professionals promoting their products and services under one roof.

There were a number of competitions and scheduled events throughout the three day FIT Show, including the Gala Dinner hosted by comedian Ed Byrne and the Sales Professional of the Year award, sponsored by Quotatis.

And for consumer matching service Quotatis, the FIT Show presented a platform to showcase their business. With a strong commitment to providing quality to both customers and trade professionals, Quotatis connect the two to give extra business to companies and ensure consumers are matched with reputable industry experts.

Ed Byrne
The stand, led by National Sales Manager Janet Small, was extremely popular with dozens of companies in the industry signing up to the service with a £50 trial to test the consumer enquiries.

Quotatis receives consumer enquiries throughout the UK in a variety of home improvement industries. This includes windows and doors, conservatories, kitchens and renewable technology.

Companies select the products they offer, the regions they work and the amount of enquiries they wish to receive weekly. The service eliminates the cost of advertising where there is no guarantee of success and ensures every penny spent goes towards a sales opportunity.

Janet Small believes the key is demonstrating how Quotatis differs from alternatives on the market.

She said: “I am very confident in the Quotatis service and once companies have come onboard, they stay with us for many years. It’s simply a case of showcasing our quality and how we can benefit businesses in trade industries.
“It’s all very well to talk the talk, but we like to give companies an opportunity to test the service and make up their own mind. With Quotatis companies can expand, open new offices and break into new regions of the UK.

“I regularly speak to companies using Quotatis and they talk of their success stories. At the end of the day, if we didn’t offer a great service we’d lose our customers. This would defeat the point, so we ensure that quality remains at the top of the agenda at Quotatis.”

Quotatis receive hundreds of consumer enquiries daily for a range of products and services throughout the UK. These enquiries are collected on Quotatis’ own websites, through partner sites such as The Telegraph and with dedicated email campaigns.

Quotatis is Europe’s most popular consumer matching service, connecting customers with reputable companies in a range of home improvements across the UK. Products include windows, solar panels, conservatories, replacement boilers and kitchens. There are thousands of enquiries on a monthly basis, helping businesses to grow and ensure of work throughout the year.


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