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Coronavirus: How Quotatis Kept Businesses Alive During Lockdown

When Boris Johnson announced that the UK was going into lockdown to fight the coronavirus pandemic on 23rd March 2020, home improvement businesses all over the country were reeling.

When everyone is being told to stay at home and not see friends and family, homeowners were certainly not comfortable with allowing tradespeople into their properties.

It was a worrying time for businesses everywhere, including ours. Companies were worried that their work would dry up, forcing them to fold – but we provided a necessary lifeline to installers to help keep them in as much work as possible.

Consistent flow of enquiries

Quotatis kept running as usual despite a reduction in staff and continued to provide enquiries for our tradespeople. Boilers still went wrong, fences still blew down and roof tiles still slipped, and homeowners were still coming to us to help them find a reputable company to visit them during the pandemic.

Government advice was that essential work could take place, and throughout the pandemic we’ve still been generating thousands of customer enquiries every week. As lockdown eased, homeowners became more comfortable with having less urgent work completed in line with the latest guidelines.

Our consistent lead flow has been a lifeline for businesses, helping them to stay afloat. With door knocking and leaflet drops proving more difficult, home improvement companies turned to us to help them kick-start their businesses as lockdown eased.

One company that joined us in May left us a glowing review on Trustpilot, showing how committed we were to providing businesses with good enquiries to help them re-build their pipelines:

5-star trustpilot review from quotatis company

Flexible accounts for peace of mind

At a time of such uncertainty, we knew that our tradespeople would want the flexibility to manage how many enquiries they were buying from week to week. Although our traditional Smart Local and Smart Connect accounts continued to be useful for many companies, we saw a significant rise in the amount of businesses using our Smart Select account.

pick enquiry button on the quotatis smart appSmart Select allows tradespeople to use the Smart App and view all the enquiries in their local area, with no weekly fee.

Companies simply pick the jobs that they want to quote for and pay for them on a pay-as-you-pick basis. This has proved to be a lifeline to companies that need to build up their jobs list without committing to a regular spend.

We’re glad that our strong lead flow and flexible accounts have helped home improvement businesses to stay afloat during such worrying times. We’ve still been working hard on our PPC and SEO campaigns to ensure that we still provide the same high-quality enquiries that our customers are used to.

As we head into a second wave of coronavirus, Quotatis will be here to help businesses keep their work flowing. We’re grateful to every customer that has stuck with us or joined us during a time of uncertainty, and we’re here to help as national and local companies and sole traders all begin to come back to work to offer the excellent service that our homeowners expect.

For more information on how Quotatis can help you kick-start your business, simply fill in the form below and one of the team will be in touch. Alternatively, give us a call on 01603 298060 to discuss your options.


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Emily Rivers

Emily Rivers is the Customer Experience Manager at Quotatis. She informs customers of the latest developments in a range of products so they can make the best choice for their homes and ensures they get the best out of our service.

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