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Why buying customers will grow your business

As with the running of any business, you’ll always experience daily challenges. This is because there are so many factors that’ll contribute to a successful business. Think of all the aspects you need to consider: you need a product or service; this needs to be delivered; and you need to market it.

In many B2B businesses the product or service will be priced at a level where serious though needs to be given. What’s always the most difficult part though, is getting loads of potential customers. What’s the best way to improve this? By buying customers.

Essentially, by buying customers you’ll have the contact details of someone interested in your service. In many instances these will also be qualified leads. What this does is save your business a lot of time and resource which is spent finding these customers in the first place. With them already in the bag, you can do what comes naturally; sell your product.

How do you buy customers?

Buying customers is actually a lot easier and simpler than you’d probably think. However, you should ensure to follow these steps outlined below:

1. Make sure you know what criteria a qualified customer should meet. This will be specific to your business, as you’ll know what a potential customer looks like.
2. Decide on a price you would be willing to pay for each customer. Calculate your profit margins on the sale of your product as this will be directly related to the price you can afford.
3. Get a fixed idea of how many customers you require over a set period of time. This could be monthly or weekly and would depend on how many leads your business can handle.
4. With these three points considered, you’ll now be in a position to look for a lead generation company. A lot will come down to your industry as there will be specialist companies available. It’s important to find a company that’ll qualify your leads by phone and outlines their terms and conditions in a clear manner to help avoid disputes.

One of the best reasons to use a lead generation company is that you can start or stop the service whenever you wish, with no extra fees to pay. You can simply test the water to see how it works for you and base your decision on the results you get.


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Tom Crosswell

I have been managing online projects since 1999 and I'm a experienced marketeer, who is well versed in international brand management, online business strategy and developing long term relationships. Through my academic and professional background I am a specialist in generating online loyalty towards brands. My experience has taught me that ultimately business is about relationships and people. For more information see my Google+ page.

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