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Business to business leads in the UK

Business to business is the term used to describe a product or service provided to a business rather than an individual consumer. So essentially, business to business leads are commercial enquiries for work to be completed.

Of course, this could include anything from the installation of solar panels and other renewable technology, to the hiring of a qualified electrician or plumber. Just like the average homeowner, businesses will be keen on saving money, which is why Quotatis proves hugely successful.

Companies involved in the business to business industry will find work a lot harder to come by than those dealing with homeowners. This is why purchasing verified leads is one of the best ways to ensure a thriving business. B2B work will often take longer and be more taxing, therefore the profit margins are usually more substantial.

Take advantage of lead generation

This is why businesses to business lead generation is so important for companies trying to forge a living and see a healthy profit margin. Quotatis is Europe’s most popular consumer matching service and links hundreds of companies with extra work every week.

Job leads are verified by an in-house team to ensure quality before being distributed vetted and reputable trade professionals. By only paying for each lead received, marketing costs are slashed and expensive advertising is a thing of the past. With a lead generation service, you can get your sales team doing exactly what they do best; selling your product to genuine and interested customers.

Lead generation online

Over the last 15 years the Internet has risen to prominence and is now accessible in nearly all homes in the UK. As Internet speeds get faster, people are doing more and more online in an effort to save time; and this includes comparing quotes from a range of professional tradespeople.

This is why it’s also an excellent idea to adopt lead generation for your work. Once a consumer has filled in an online form and been verified by the team, customer details are sent straight to you by email or text alert. You can then set the foundations and ensure you beat your competitors to the job. The quicker you contact, the more likely you’ll be to convert the enquiry into extra work.

With online lead generation, companies have an excellent choice in the volume of lead received, the product or service they complete work in and the postcode areas consumers are attained.

And because you only pay for each lead received, your money is better spent than by paying out for expensive advertising where there is no guarantee of success or the any enquiries coming in at all.

Remember, by taking advantage of the service Quotatis offers:

  • Choose exactly how many consumer leads you require in your specialised product or service
  • Pick the regions you wish to receive work and pay only for each verified enquiry received
  • Eliminate the need for expensive advertising which has no guarantee of bringing in extra customers
  • Have the flexibility to change your target products and regions by simply calling our customer service team. You can top up when times are tough or reduce the amount of leads when you inundated with work.

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