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7 Top Apps to Help You Run Your Business

As a tradesperson, your tools are your most important possession. But, in today’s modern world, your tools are often more than just what’s in your toolbox. A lot of tradespeople are embracing digital tools like apps and online services. To help you find the next app that’ll save you time on the job, we’ve put together our pick of the top 7 apps for tradespeople.

1. Google Maps

Smart phones revolutionised the way we navigated through the world, providing a convenient way of getting turn-by-turn directions to anywhere. Google Maps was one of the earliest services to provide navigation on smartphones, and they’re still one of the best.

Google Maps is available for iOS and Android. Alongside turn-by-turn navigation, it also has a live traffic feature. It’ll let you know if traffic is particularly bad on your way to a job, so you won’t be late.

2. Xero

Via Xero

Xero is an accounting app that’s designed for small businesses. It can track your business expenditure, record receipts, and give you an instant picture of your cash flow. Xero gives you clear visibility into your financial affairs and lets you manage your finances directly from your phone.

Xero also integrates directly with the Quotatis Smart App, so you can take payments directly from your customers using our app, and then export them to Xero for easy financial tracking.

3. Spotify

Spotify is a great alternative to the radio when you’re on site. You can stream pretty much anything you want to keep morale high during a long day on the tools. Many site radios have auxiliary or USB inputs so you can plug your phone straight in and play your music. Also, Spotify is great for longer journeys in the van, if you get bored of the radio!

4. Makita Mobile Tools

Via Makita

Popular tools manufacturer Makita have released their own app, Makita Mobile Tools. It’s available for iOS and Android, and features a host of useful tools for when you’re on the job.

The app boasts a spirit level, distance measurement tool, and a sound level meter. Not only that, it’s free and doesn’t have any adverts so you can add it to your professional toolkit today!



5. Dulux Visualiser

For painters and decorators as well as other interior trades, the Dulux Visualiser app offers a way to instantly see what paint colours will look like in your room. It takes a live video feed from your phone’s camera and can overlay new paint colours over the top of your walls.

The app offers a great way to show customers what their finished projects might look like, as well as offer them a range of different paint finishes and colours. Go the extra mile and wow your customers with this app!

6. Vert

Vert is a unit converter. It’s one of the best rated unit converters in the App Store, and for good reason. It handles conversions across a huge range of categories and units, from distance, volume and speed, right through to currency and temperature. It’s got a beautiful and easy to use interface, and it’s extremely fast.

There’s no end of uses for this app on the job. Never get stuck when a customer asks you for an imperial measurement again!

7. iCertifi

Via iCertifi

For electricians and gas engineers, iCertifi offers a way to produce a range of electrical and gas safe certificates straight from your phone. You can customise the certificates with your company name and logo, and then email a PDF straight to your customers.

There are several different versions of this app for different types of certificate: there’s a gas edition for gas engineers, as well as a PAT testing edition and even a fire safety version.


These apps are a great addition to any tradesperson’s toolbox! Let us know what you think, and any other apps you use, at @QuotatisPro.


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