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6 Ways to Protect your Tools from Theft

Research has found that tool theft has increased by 30.5% in the last year, with a 40% increase in the average value of claims. That means it’s more and more important that you keep your tools and equipment safe.

Your tools are expensive, and could be the difference between winning a job or not – so follow our tips to protect your tools from theft.

1. Don’t keep your tools in your van overnight

Is it really necessary that your tools are kept in your vehicle overnight? Thefts from vans are more likely to happen overnight, so it might be best to bring them indoors while you’re asleep.

2. If you have to keep tools in your van, take precautions

If you have no choice but to leave your tools in your van, ensure that your vehicle has a loud alarm. It’s also a good idea to park in a busy area in the day or a 24/7 CCTV operated area at night.

3. Store them in a secure unit

One of the best ways to keep your tools safe is by storing them in a garage or a secure unit with strong locks on the doors to deter thieves.

4. Mark your tools

Marking your tools clearly will deter thieves as they don’t want people to spot them. You should also mark them on the Immobilise register. The register helps you to recover your property if it’s stolen by allowing the Police to trace it back to you. It also helps deter thieves as they don’t want to risk a buyer realising that it’s stolen.

5. Protect your premises

If you have a business premises that you keep your tools and equipment in, consider installing CCTV. It will help to deter criminals from stealing in the first place, but if they do take your property you will have more chance of identifying them.

6. Take out an insurance policy

If you’ve taken every precaution but you’re still worried about losing out if your tools were stolen, consider taking out some insurance.

There are different policies to consider, such as goods in transit, tools cover and contractors all risks. Do some research to find out which type suits you best.


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