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4 Reasons to use Questions to Close a Sale

According to Forbes, if you want to close a sale and make it a good one, you’ll need to ask the right questions. One of the most powerful parts of selling is actually asking for the sale.

The more questions you ask your customer, the more of an insight you’ll get into their needs, likes and dislikes. You’ll also help build a sense of trust between you as you’re showing that you care about getting the customer’s project right.

So why should you use questions in your pitch and how do they help you convert that lead into a sale? Read on to find out.

You’ll create a rapport with the customer

Asking questions helps you understand what the homeowner is envisaging. Showing that you have empathy by asking them questions about the ideas you have and whether that suits their situation will build trust.

Questions help you listen

If you ask a question, you know you’ll be interested in the answer. It’ll help you stay focused on what the customer is looking for and will aid you in understanding what styles the customer prefers and what their priorities are.

They help you prioritise tasks

Once you’ve got a general idea about what the homeowner is looking for, you can ask more specific questions to see what they envision as the most important project goals. Ask them what kind of time scale they are looking at, whether price is more important than quality and other things that help you to understand what they want. You’ll be able to give a much more detailed specific quote.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale

Although this may seem forward, if you’ve worked hard to ask what the customer is looking for and have built up a rapport with them, it should come naturally.

Use your common sense when you ask – different situations will require different wording. But some ways to ask for the job include:

  • What day/week works best for you to get started?
  • What are the most important things impacting your decision?
  • I have [date] free. How does this fit with your schedule?

You’ll know the best way to ask when you’re there with the customer. Go with whatever feels right.

So next time you go to quote a customer, think how you can fact-find with questions. They’re essential for helping you find out about wants, needs and coming up with solutions to customers’ problems. You’re more likely to close a lead if you ask the right questions.

Give it a try.


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4 Reasons to use Questions to Close a Sale
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