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3 Tips to Help You Leave Voicemails that Get You Customers

When you get an enquiry from a potential customer, it’s important to speak to them as soon as you can. But you might end up finding yourself leaving voicemails more often than actually speaking to them. The quality of your voicemails could make all the difference between making a sale and never hearing from them again – so it’s important to get them right.

Keep reading to find out 3 tips to help you leave voicemails that get you customers.

1. Be personal and informative

Research shows that customers usually respond best to a personal approach. So when you leave your voicemail, try to avoid using your title and instead just leave your first name. Ideally use their first name too, so they know you know who you’re calling.

You also need to be informative. Your first name won’t be enough for a customer to know who you are – make sure you leave your company name too. You should also include what your call is regarding, as they may have multiple jobs on the go. A customer is far more likely to respond to a clear, friendly voicemail than a formal, confusing one.

2. Leave your sales pitch for later

It’s important to be quick off the mark and try to secure your new customers as soon as possible. But a voicemail is not the right place for a sales pitch. If this is your first contact with them, the customer will be highly suspicious that you’re pitching for the job before you’ve even talked to them or seen it. They’re also not going to want to listen to a 5-minute speech you’ve left on their phone.

Instead, keep your voicemails brief, around 20 to 30 seconds. The goal of your message is to secure a call back – you can worry about pitching once you’ve managed this.

3. Get the timing right

The timing of your voicemail is also crucial. You might think that as you’re leaving a message it doesn’t really matter when you do it – the customer will just listen to it when they’re ready. Wrong. Calling someone late in the evening and leaving them a message basically suggests that you don’t want to speak to them as you know they’re unlikely to answer. The same goes for Friday afternoons, plus your customer will probably have forgotten about you by Monday morning.

When you receive an enquiry, it’s important to call a customer as quickly as possible. But if you find yourself calling them multiple times then think carefully about the best time to give them a ring and leave them a voicemail if you need to. Remember, it’s also worth emailing and texting them for good measure.

Follow these 3 tips and you should notice that more customers ring you back after you’ve left them voicemails. Got any of your own tips? Tweet us at @quotatispro.


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