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3 Popular Site Radios to Keep You Entertained at Work

A great site radio can make all the difference to your day at work. Whether you’re doing your favourite task or the odd boring job, it’ll keep you motivated and entertained. If you work on a busy, noisy site, the chances are that a normal radio won’t cut it and you’ll need a special one designed to be used onsite.

Here are 3 of the best models that are worth considering if you’re after a new site radio.

Makita DMR109 DAB Radio

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This popular model is one of Makita’s newest site radios. It comes well-equipped with elastomer bumpers and an anti-shock loudspeaker system, which means it can withstand any bumps or knocks it might get onsite. It also has a retractable handle grip and flexible antenna, which help to reduce the chances of it getting damaged. Plus, it can withstand up to 5 minutes in light rain, which gives you plenty of time to get it undercover.

A big advantage to this radio is that it’s flexible. Its DAB facility means that you can choose from a broad range of stations as well as being able to plug in your phone through the auxiliary input. You can also choose between using the AC adaptor and batteries, so you can use it wherever you are. Just make sure you get the right batteries, as it’ll only work with some specific types.

DeWalt DCR020-GB Compact Jobsite DAB Radio

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This DeWalt radio is ideal if you’re looking for something compact without compromising on sound quality. Weighing just over 3kg, it has a robust, grippy handle, which makes it easy to manoeuvre in small spaces. Plus it has space to wrap up the power chord when it’s not in use and to store any devices you want to plug into it. These features are a great way to eliminate trip hazards and keep your belongings safe.

Like the Makita model, you can choose whether to use batteries or plug the DCR020-GB into the mains. It’s DAB but also picks up FM stations and has an auxiliary input to maximise your music choice. Just bear in mind that, while it boasts high-quality sound, you won’t be able to get the same volume from this speaker that you get from larger ones.

Hitachi UR18DSDL Radio

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This Hitachi model is another popular site radio. Its main selling points are its screen and operation panel, which make it really easy to control your radio and see the song that’s playing. The frame structure offers great protection for this feature, which means you don’t need to worry too much about it getting damaged. Plus, unlike many other models, the UR18DSDL has Bluetooth connectivity as well as an auxiliary input, DAB and FM radio.

This radio also has many other popular features that make it ideal to use on site. It offers high-quality sound, a broad volume range and grippy handles. Plus, like the Makita model, it can also withstand a small amount of rain.

So if you’re after a new site radio, you’ve got these three models to look out for. Do you have a favourite site radio? Tweet us at @quotatispro


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