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3 Easy Ways to Stay Organised As a Tradesperson

As a pro, it’s vital to stay organised. We’ve talked before about the importance of being organised when you’re working on multiple jobs simultaneously.

In this article, we’ll cover some easy ways to get organised. If things feel a bit hectic, try some of these tips to restore some order to your working life. You might be doing some of them already – tweet us @quotatispro with your tips!

1. Keep your calendar synced up

You might still be using a paper calendar to keep your appointments – and if that works for you, great! If you’re finding that you’re struggling to keep track, though, consider moving to an online calendar.

There are several different options. If you primarily use a laptop or desktop computer to manage your business, consider an email based calendar service like Gmail or Yahoo. These will sync to your phone, and you can set up automatic reminders so you’ll always get a reminder when you need to head to your appointment. If you’re using a lead generation service, you can keep all your events attached to the email with the lead details on, so you’ll always have them to hand.

If you mostly manage your business using your mobile phone, you can always use the calendar that’s built in. iOS and Android come with a built-in calendar, and there are lots of third-party apps that you could use as well. These also offer traffic-based event reminders, so if the traffic is heavy on the way to your next appointment your phone will let you know to leave earlier.

2. Use an effective reminder system

Quotatis Smart App makes communicating with customers quicker and easier.

There are lots of different ways to keep reminders. You could use sticky notes or another paper-based system and make sure they’re displayed somewhere you’ll see them. If this works for you, stick with it! Not everyone wants a phone that’s constantly buzzing with reminders.

If you do want to use your phone for reminders, you could use Quotatis’ Smart App. The app has an option on each lead to remind you to try and get back in touch. Or you could use a dedicated reminder app to keep track of all of your jobs and leads.

3. Manage your notes and paperwork

No matter where you keep your notes or paperwork, it’s important to keep them in order. With invoices, quotes, schedules and other paperwork and notes to keep track of, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything. We recommend using a proper filing system, and being consistent.

If you’re using a paper system for invoices and quotes, make sure you’re keeping track of your copies. These documents are vital – there’s nothing worse than not having the information to hand when you’re speaking to a customer. Looking professional is vital for winning jobs.

If you keep online or digital copies of these documents, it’s good to have them organised and backed up. Services like Dropbox or Google Drive let you keep cloud backups, and they’ll even sync with your phone so you can always access a copy.

Hopefully, these tips help you stay organised and win more jobs! Let us know if you’ve got any other tips for staying organised.


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